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Vesper Wolfe

Posted by Bismuth Studio Collaborator on

6397 would like you to meet Vesper Wolfe – stylist, photographer, and art director. A friend of 6397, we’re excited to feature Vesper’s self-portraits during her recent trip to the West Coast, wearing the latest arrivals from our Spring 18 collection.

We had a chat with Vesper as she made her way through the California desert…

Where are you from and where are you based now?

I am originally from a beach town in San Diego, but now I am Manhattan-based as of 2013.

What drew you to fashion and photography?

I would attribute my original connection to fashion to my mother. She had wanted to pursue a career in fashion design, though around my age, she became a flight attendant for Pan Am. She traveled the world (mostly Europe), which furthered her interest in international fashion.

When I was growing up, we always had a stack of subscribed fashion magazines around the house, and for as long as I can remember I had been waiting to fit into her designer clothes! That day, much to her dismay, came early…

Later my mother traded pursuing fashion for pursuing business, art, and teaching. Both she and my grandmother are both artists. My passion for art must be hereditary; their medium is painting and calligraphy, while mine is photography.

You have travelled extensively, both professionally and personally - what are some of your favorite destinations?

I visited Marrakech this past winter, and it has absolutely made it on my list of favorite destinations. It's probably one of the few places in the world which remains so authentic while being a largely popular tourist destination. The magic of the local warmth and atmosphere was truly enchanting.

Paris is also a go-to destination for me; I make it there about 4-5 times a year either for work or pleasure. I'm so happy and lucky to have made really great friends there.

Describe your personal style:

My personal style varies, but is most always a mix of high and low.

I'll have to admit that although I’m quite internationally influenced, it would be hard to deny that my true San Diego pride sometimes shines through in a not so carefully constructed "sweats-as-outwear" look. Luckily, over the years, my style has developed. While I still take an overtly casual approach, I often include great tailoring to pull together a look. I enjoy buying and wearing vintage, which is both sustainable and unique. Also, fabric quality is very important to me.

What music are you listening to right now?

At home, my boyfriend plays a lot of music. We listen to Prince, The Jackson 5, Jimi Hendrix, Erykah Badu, and a lot of funk. Sometimes we'll change it up, and find ourselves in the mood to dance to a great 80s pop or new wave playlist in our PJs after dinner…

Who and what inspires you?

What inspires me daily is seeing intelligent, young women and men realize the depth and importance of using their platform to spread the good word and empower youth.

I’m also inspired by women who have fearlessly entered male-dominated industries such as photography, tech, and science - to name only a few. I'm proud of the "boss ladies", and I hope that I can also be one.

My parents, my boyfriend, and my friends inspire me always. It's so encouraging to be surrounded by such creative, wonderfully smart, curious, and spiritually-enriching people.

What are some of your favorite places in LA?

I really like hanging out on the East side: in Silverlake, Highland Park, and Glendale. I stayed with a friend in Glendale for the last week of our trip to LA and it was nice to explore that area.

I also really loved driving through the hills in Malibu, it feels very far removed and quite Western. California is amazingly diverse in it's environment and terrain.

Tell us what’s next for you (personal projects, travels, etc):

What's next? I have no clue. I am at a very exciting transitional phase in my life and I have been lucky to learn so much about what is important and fulfilling for me. I hope I can continue to educate myself through working in a new part of my field. I'm not sure if that would be photography, art direction, consulting, or the continuation of working with stylists.

I'd like to stay receptive and open to all options which are coming my way…