Greetings from New York

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Our streets, usually bustling with people and traffic, are now eerily deserted. There is something hauntingly beautiful about this sudden emptiness, but you quickly realize what makes our city so special and vibrant are the people.
All the diverse waves of humanity from different backgrounds and distinct cultures - this is who we are and who we see and interact with everyday.

Having lived through September 11th, we thought that would be our life-changing experience. Turns out we were wrong as now, almost 20 years later, there is COVID-19.
Down on Broadway, under these strangely altered circumstances, the 6397 team came together and for the first time ever we decided to be in front of the camera. We worked with our long-time collaborator Chris Shonting, a photographer we love and trust.

Well aware of the instructions from our Governor Andrew Cuomo, (who has really stepped up to the plate with truth, leadership and guidance), we kept our distance and let Chris and his lens capture the experience.
New York City is where we began our brand 7 years ago. It is the city that constantly inspires us. Now more than ever we felt the need to document ourselves as 6397 in the place that we know and love.
Even keeping our distance, it was so great to see each other.

Stella Ishii

founder, creative direction and design

Jenny Smith

design, sales, e-commerce

Akane York

sales manager of 6397 store at 199 mulberry

Lori Lindsay (and Dusty)

design, sales, production

Our shop on Mulberry Street is currently closed, but we are all working from home as best we can, taking care of our website, sending out orders and chatting and helping customers over the phone.
As likely with many of you, we are frightened of the unknown future, and yet somehow energized in the present moment.
We are grateful to all those who are asked to leave the safety of their homes and risk their health to keep the city going.

photography: Chris Shonting