Merrie Martin

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6397’s birthplace, The NEWS showroom, is known in the fashion industry as a go-to place for retailers to find brands with originality and soul. For Stella (founder of both 6397 and NEWS) and her team, a new selling season is always an exciting few weeks. Retailers and buyers from around the world come to NEWS at this time to discover and place orders on their favorite brands, 6397 being one of them. The hustle and bustle that takes place during this time is not only about business, but most importantly, a time to reconnect on a human level. These longstanding relationships are at the core of the brand values of both The NEWS and 6397 – a celebration of creativity, community, and commerce.

Meet Merrie Martin, a friend of 6397 and owner of Spirit Clothing, an eclectic womenswear boutique in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Vaguely European with a Southwestern flair, Merrie handpicks clothing and accessories from a mix of local and global designers for her fashionable, yet timeless store. We caught up with Merrie during one of her seasonal visits to the NEWS showroom to buy 6397. Here, she wears her favorite pieces from our Fall 18 collection

Tell us about yourself – are you from the Southwest originally?

I was raised in Wisconsin and was deeply impressed by, and spent much of my time in, the lush forests and incredible water ways. As a young adult I moved to Santa Barbara and spent five years there enjoying the ocean, the foothills, and the charming city.

When did you open Spirit Clothing, and describe the inspiration behind your store?

In 1982 I was invited by a dear friend to visit Santa Fe, and I’ve been there ever since.  I fell in love with my friend, and with Santa Fe. My store Spirit grew out of that affection, and has been an amazing theatre of expression in so many ways.  I’ve always loved style - good, clear style. At Spirit I’ve learned to hone my skills as a buyer and edit out anything that doesn’t live up to a “really well done” response.

6397 is an urban brand, how would you connect 6397’s sensibility to that of your customers in Santa Fe?

6397 is a perfect example of what works for our customers. The people that shop at Spirit are bright, well-traveled, and very interesting people. Most of them live here in Santa Fe, but many live in NY, LA, and San Francisco and we’re their first stop when they get here. 6397 has been such a great fit for us. It’s so beautifully made and the styles are exactly what most people really want to wear.

Describe your personal style

My personal style…hard for me to describe...I want to be comfortable aesthetically and physically.

Who and what inspires you in life?

What inspires me most is kindness, kindness in the face of everyday life.

Spirit Clothing
109 W San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501

IG: @spiritinsantafe