• Standing Rock is Everywhere Boy T in Jet Black

Standing Rock is Everywhere Boy T in Jet Black

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The “Standing Rock Is Everywhere” t-shirt, designed by Emma Robbins, speaks to the collective experience of oppressed, marginalized and underrepresented peoples everywhere.

Standing Rock is the name of the Sioux Reservation of North Dakota and its tribe, whose lengthy and ongoing battle (joined by thousands of diverse Indigenous people, environmentalists, and activists) against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has drawn international attention. 

All sales proceeds from “The Standing Rock is Everywhere” t shirt will benefit the Chapter House.org.

The Chapter House is an Indigenous exhibition and community space based in Los Angeles. It is a cultural hub that explores the complexities of the 21st Century Indigenous experience; a space for empowerment and community. As art is viewed as a part of Indigenous life, it is vital to include Art as a part of discussions, healing, and solutions. Programs at The Chapter House will include ongoing exhibitions, film screenings, round-table discussions, art classes, wellness circles, and the promotion of healthy eating.

Currently, The Chapter House operates only online. By 2022, they will operate in three physical locations: Los Angeles, the Navajo Nation, and pop-up spaces in cities across the Americas. 

To learn more about The Chapter House, please visit Thechapterhouse.org.

100% Cotton, Made in Peru and printed in Brooklyn