Becky Hudson

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Becky Hudson - a traveler, artist, mother, friend and someone special that I've had the good fortune to meet. She is someone who makes everything beautiful - food, her home, what she chooses to wear…and more than anything else the time you spend with her. She's a magician of beauty!

Becky grew up in Tucson, Arizona and Inverness, California. She’s lived on and off in Paris for many years, and during those years travelled throughout Europe. She studied textiles in Mexico. She's travelled to music festivals in Essakane in the Saharan Desert and with the Tuaregs in Mali. She's travelled to Japan, China, Thailand, Miramar, Nepal, India, Argentina - as well as to Iceland for many years for salmon fly fishing. She has also travelled and camped all over the western US in her vintage travel trailer. She has been to Central America, and to every little town and province in Mexico.

Currently Becky calls NYC her home and home base from where she continues to explore and travel the world.  We spent an afternoon in her loft in Soho and had so much fun.

Thank you Becky   -  you are such an inspiration for me and for 6397.

Stella Ishii