Stella Ishii is the founder of 6397 and co-owner of The NEWS, a New York based fashion showroom respected for its eclectic selection of designer brands with originality and soul. NEWS is derived from the idea that there are no global limits in the showroom’s search for design talent and innovation. The name takes inspiration from the work of Stella’s husband, Jerry Kamitaki, a conceptual artist who was working on a series of work representing these cardinal directions – from points North, East, West, South - at the time of the company’s conception. NEWS, founded in 2000, has become widely known for discovering and launching brands such as Alexander Wang, Sacai, The Row, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Common Projects, which have all gone on to worldwide success.

Launched by Stella and her team in the Spring of 2013, 6397 is a women’s ready-to-wear collection for the modern woman who follows her own instincts and sense of style.

6397, an alphanumeric rendering of N-E-W-S on a telephone keypad, is an extension of The News showroom - a reflection of Stella’s own personal style, as well as that of the women who work alongside her. Its design philosophy is driven by real life, celebrating the spirit of individuality and community – with a special nod to youth and counterculture. 6397 is a thoughtful approach to timeless fashion, understated yet expressive – with the belief that what you wear is all about letting your personality shine through.