Cheryl Dunn

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Where are you from Cheryl?

- I was born and raised in North Jersey and now have lived in NYC the majority of my life...

What got you into photography?

- My mother constantly took pictures of our family...  and 8mm films... we had boxes and boxes of pictures everywhere and me and my brothers and sister would beg our parents to set up the projector on Saturday nights and watch our home movies ...  It was just natural to me that you always documented things...  I started doing this in HS but had no idea that it could be a possible occupation. I studied art history at university.  When I was engaged in photography it was the one thing I loved every aspect of and my mind did not wander. I just clicked into the zone and figured this is what I have to do for my life.  Now as a documentary maker I feel all of things that I loved and have loved can come together.

When and how did you encounter Creative Growth Art Foundation?

- I think I encountered Creative Growth about 17 years ago... Initially through Kim Hastreiter and the shows that you guys collaborated on in NY.  I visited CG in Oakland soon after that and fell in love.  I was brought in on a project with Karen Kimmel who was doing a visiting artist project and she wanted a film to convey the process. We went back and forth a number of weeks over a six month period. This experience really changed my life and I have gone there many times every year since to shoot and help get the work out in the world with projects that I have made and continue to pitch ...

Who are your favorite artists from Creative Growth and do you have any special stories you can share with us about that?

- I love so much of the work...  I have spent more time with some artists like William Scott, Gerone Spruill. I love Terri Bowden, Aurie Ramirez, Dan Miller, William Tyler.  As far as stories, I have gone to church with William and his family for the past three Easters. He usually makes a special hat or wears his Darth Vader mask, he is really celebrated in his community and it was such a privilege to be welcomed there as his friend ...

What are you working on right now?

- I am working on a feature documentary about Dash Snow and his art community downtown after 911. Then I hope to make a film about Creative Growth!