Church Street Boxing Gym

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Female empowerment is important. At 6397, we provide wardrobe essentials for women who not only show strength through their personal style, but in their spirit and individuality. One’s style is a testament to our inner selves. Now more than ever, we are witnessing big changes in the way that society views women’s equality – our current Commander-in-chief and his administration wages a seemingly daily war on women’s rights across the board: reproductive health, equality in business and in politics, human rights. Showing solidarity and honoring achievements of women all over the world, big or small, is important. We wanted to celebrate women by shooting female boxers wearing pieces from our Pre-Fall ’17 collection – inspiring athletes who exemplify physical and psychological dexterity, discipline, and agility.

Our friends over at the renowned Church Street Boxing Gym in lower Manhattan introduced us to three amazing female boxers who allowed us shoot them in 6397. 34-year-old Ronika Jeffrey is the International Women’s Boxing Federation’s World Super Featherweight champion, and a major player in female boxing. Abby Fuller and Lorena Cordova, both 27 years old, are not professional boxers, but love the challenging nature of the sport – as well as thriving in a traditionally male-dominated arena. Photographer Chris Shonting captured these women in action…