Clarissa Dalrymple: Our Friend and Muse

Posted by alan schaffer on

The worlds of fashion and art have always collided – two very different spheres of creative thought that have a kinship that is undeniably symbiotic and influential to each other. We can safely say that this describes the relationship between 6397 and British-born art curator Clarissa Dalrymple, who we’ve profiled for our latest Stories series.

The New York Times once declared that Clarissa is “known for her style and wit, and for an almost psychic ability to pinpoint who and what in art will matter next”. As much as she is known for her unabashedly unique personal style, she is also widely recognized for nurturing the careers of some of the art world’s most celebrated artists -- Matthew Barney, Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Nate Lowman and Collier Schorr are just a few names who have achieved notoriety through her discerning eye.

Originally from a seaside village in Suffolk, England, Clarissa moved to New York City in the late 60’s, moving among the downtown creative scene during its heyday. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Clarissa owned a gallery in Soho, formed noteworthy programs for emerging artists, and organized successful solo and group shows worldwide – discovering and taking chances on lesser known artists, and seeing them through to acclaim.

A champion of burgeoning talent and an influential fixture in New York’s contemporary art scene, Clarissa is a tour de force – an English rose with an eye for artistry and a heart of gold. As a fan and close friend of 6397, we are so excited to have Clarissa wearing her picks from our Pre-Fall ’17 collection.