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6397 is pleased to present “Gestures, Colors, Marks and Lines” an exhibition of Abstract paintings by artists Joseph Alef, Maureen Clay and Jordan King. This is our 4th collaborative exhibition with the Creative Growth Art Center studio in Oakland, California.

Themes of color, line, form and composition are the subjects of this Abstract group of works by Joseph, Maureen and Jordan.

BORN: 1947, California
EDUCATION: Creative Growth Art Center, 1991-present
Maureen layers colors repeatedly until the entire composition has been covered several times. She has a complex sense of graphic design, and while her work appears abstract, her subjects are often distorted versions of fish and food.

BORN: 1981, Berkeley, CA
EDUCATION: Creative Growth Art Center, 2001-2008; 2013 – present
Joseph Alef makes active paintings that radiate with energy. Often beginning with delicate fields of color, Alef integrates linear and distinct graphic elements that form sculptural effects. Alef has been a studio artist at Creative Growth since 2001, and devotes most of his time to painting and ceramics.

Maureen’s layers of color at 199 Mulberry

Thru November 3rd, 2019