Creative Growth x 6397

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6397 is pleased to present our 6th collaboration with the Creative Growth Arts Center of Oakland, CA, showing "Embroidered Works" by Dan Miller and Ying Ge Zhou, September 25th through December 5th.  Especially now, during this era of COVID, we are honored to share with you this beautiful and uplifting show.

Dan Miller’s work often uses fluorescent markers and paints; and here, akin to his technique on paper, he over-paints and then over-embroiders his initial brushwork, adding a tactile, material quality to his surfaces that nearly blocks-out his groundwork. The multi-colored, box-like patterns of embroidery follows the under-painted patterns of boxes and squares, fusing the two mediums of expression. The blue and white hued embroidery and paint is in a configuration resembling a series of lightbulbs, a recurring motif within his work.

The art of Ying Ge Zhou has an immediately recognizable charm. Like Miller, she too works in various mediums, however her embroidery and paint on fabric is done in a figurative manner.  Pairs of people dancing, moving, and interacting, or, as solitary individuals or small groups, in spare frontal portraits, facing forward, gazing directly at the viewer.   The embroidery over Ying Ge's subtle, delicate brushwork adds a layer of texture and physicality to her work. The pearls give a dramatic surface tension, vibrantly opulent, yet tinged with emotion and memory.

The works currently on display at 199 Mulberry Street in Manhattan will also be available for sale on the 6397 website and the CGAC website.

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