Akane York

Posted by Bismuth Studio Collaborator on

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve lived in New York since 2014.

My mother is Japanese and my father is American. I grew up using Japanese sign language because my mother is deaf. My father is in the Army, he was stationed in Japan and that is where my parents met.

I have known Stella Ishii and THE NEWS since I was in Japan because I had a friend working in fashion, and he told me about this great, cool company. So when I moved to New York, I was looking for an opportunity to work with THE NEWS. Then I heard the first flagship 6397 store was opening and hiring staff. I sent my resume in seconds!

I’m getting married next year, so that’s exciting. We are planning a traditional Japanese wedding in Japan.

I never moved to another country before I came to New York. I spoke no English 5 years ago. But New York is so generous to me. There are people from so many different countries and everyone understands each other like family. I never felt alone, that’s why I am staying here.