Vrndavana Powell

Posted by Bismuth Studio Collaborator on

I moved to NYC from Gainesville, Florida. I’ve wanted to live in New York since I was a little kid, and when I graduated high school I got the opportunity to move here and live with my older sister. I took it and have been here since!

My sister and her husband ran the Hare Krishna Temple in downtown Brooklyn for about 30 years. I lived in the ashram there for about 8 years.

I met Stella through Brendon Babenzien by working for Noah! As soon as I met Stella I was captivated by her kindness and cool and fell in love with 6397. Every aspect I find to be inspiring! Especially how 6397 celebrates diversity, artists and unique women who push boundaries. I am particularly inspired by the work 6397 does with Creative Growth. Also the clothes are beautifully designed for anybody of any age. I love that!

I’m really looking forward to visiting India for the first time in December! It’s a lifelong dream of mine to go and I feel so fortunate and excited.

The people! New York City also has a super strong magnetic spiritual energy that attracts seekers, mystics, saints, psychos, freaks. All kinds! This is what I love most. Everyone has a place here.