Tara Wollens

Posted by Bismuth Studio Collaborator on

I am a native New Yorker with a childhood (still came to NYC to my grandmothers!) in Old Greenwich CT. I have been here over 38 years. Right after college at Northeastern University in Boston MA.

We raised our children in a loft in the East Village. The home of Irving Berlin, Lenard Bernstein and crack addicts! Jamie my husband is an architect. Haley now 33 is a successful fashion stylist and Beau 30 is C.O.O. of the coolest store NOAH. Haley and Beau insist that growing up in the East Village (NYC) was the best thing we ever did!!! It gave them a hunger to see the world and they have travelled extensively. Haley has also has an apt. in Paris.

I knew Stella’s aesthetic from many years in the fashion industry. I loved the idea of a gallery/store appeal because I believe clothes artful. I love that Stella supports a nonprofit, Creative Growth and gives back. I like 6397’s ability to juxtapose the jean and tee shirt with elements of fresh and exquisite clothes. I am drawn to people expressing a willingness to play with fashion. I love humor and enjoyment in fashion. It should be fun!

To be of service. It's unique to have a store to support your customers. I like people and getting to know them. I want clients to feel attracted to care, kindness and service. It makes me feel happy. I want devotees of 6397.

NYC is insatiable. My mother was raised in Greenwich Village (9 kids in 2 bedrooms)! I have adored it ever since. I am attracted to the enormous cultures that live together, the huge assortment of cuisines (my kids did their teething on octopus with the likes of Keith Herring and Kenny Scarf were at the sushi bar). New York's commitment to art, music, theater, innovation and beauty...