Clarissa Dalrymple: Our Friend and Muse

The worlds of fashion and art have always collided – two very different spheres of creative thought that have a kinship that is undeniably symbiotic and influential to each other. We can safely say that this describes the relationship between 6397 and British-born art curator Clarissa Dalrymple, who we’ve profiled...

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Church Street Boxing Gym

Female empowerment is important. At 6397, we provide wardrobe essentials for women who not only show strength through their personal style, but in their spirit and individuality. One’s style is a testament to our inner selves. Now more than ever, we are witnessing big changes in the way that society...

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JVL Wildcats Academy Girls Basketball Team

6397 has a longstanding friendship with Alex Martinez – a beautiful soul and social worker who works tirelessly toward keeping New York City’s inner city kids off the streets. Alex is also Founder of D.A.A.D (Developing Adolescents, Attitudes and Destinies), an urban youth mentoring program that aims to inspire kids to choose...

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